Red Head Bombshell, Alicia’s Photoshoot


“Gorgeous! Bombshell! Smokin hot!
3 phrases I would never have used to describe myself…ever… As a very self aware and down-on-self type person who avoided cameras at all cost, a photoshoot showing myself off wasn’t even something I would have considered.

Jen made me feel so comfortable and beautiful during the prep and shoot. Her team of miracle workers did everything, hair makeup just glam! It was such a relaxed day and the effects were amazing! I saw my pictures and I didn’t think it was me.
Jen then told me this is how the rest of the world sees you…that hit something in me.

I’m showing off a private shoot to whomever wants to see, I feel like I can be that smoking hot bombshell, which is the reaction I got from the portraits been posted.  Anyone who has ever doubted themselves or has that lack of confidence needs to see Jen and soon! She is amazing, welcoming and so creative! Can’t wait to work together again!”

  Thank you for your awesome enthusiasm and love Alicia – You are fabulous inside and out! <3
PS: Alicia is a mom! and now her girls will have gorgeous photos of her! How awesome is that?


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