Portraits of 2015

2015 Portrait Collage

Happy New Year Everyone!

        Hope you have had many laughs and love during the eventful holidays.  On this first day of a new year I find myself thinking about love, strength, improvement, and of course gratuity.

        I LOVE that I say “This is why I love what I do” sometimes I feel self conscious that I’ll annoy those around me being a broken record but it’s true! I love being able to show you, your mother, your daughter, your bf, your dad, brother, sister how beautiful and strong they are. I love hearing your stories and feel so honored that after 2, 5, 10 years of avoiding a camera you choose to let me capture you.    You place trust in me and my team to show you what your loved ones see.   What we do fills me so much joy I want to cry tears of joy.

       Why do I want to cry? Well it’s no secret that I have PTSD I was shut off and had a serious lacking of self love just a few short years ago and to now love myself, fully feel the rainbows of emotion, and use these skills to share with you how beautiful you are just makes the world so bright. I used to be ashamed of myself, my love, my emotion, but now I am proud and I hope you can be to.

        I will place more importance to time spent with those around me, I have a high level of importance on family and enjoying those moments but I would like to place more on connections outside of my tight circle. I love collaborations, challenging and empowering conversations, and learning from those around me it’s the allocation of the precious resource of time I will improve upon.

       I am so lucky; you guys have supported me fabulously this past year. I have an incredible business that is starting to get its roots in our community, met fantastic and inspiring women and men, my husband has left his full-time job to begin his entrepreneur adventure, and have made some amazing friends!

The future is bright and I hope you join in the celebration of you, your fabulous self.

Excited to be meeting amazing people and empowering more women who come into our studio this 2016 while creating some fantastic collaborations!

Lots of love

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