Portfolio Boxes and Acrylic Prints!

It’s been an exciting time! We are now proud to offer Portfolio Boxes and Acrylic Prints! *jumping up and down* I should have recorded the opening for you but it was a long night of finishing our DIY makeup mirror and unboxing didn’t take place until 2am. Next time!

Our Portfolio Boxes perfect for protecting your prints, they look beautiful so you can keep these boxes on a table or bookshelf if these are just for you tuck them under the bed to keep close. The Portfolio Box is handmade, covered in Asahi silk, and fit your matted 7×10 prints. Available when you purchase 12 or 24 images. Duplicates are available at 50% if you want one to share! <3

Framed Acrylic Prints are the new thing; the acrylic bounces light around the Giclée print creating incredible colour depth that will keep you looking. Acrylics are finished within a black or white floating frame and a paperback. I love these as a large 30×20 to one wall.

We’ve also updated our matting and continued with our modern Aluminum Prints that you know I’m gaga over. For more details come book a consult to take a look or if you can’t wait check out the video below but be warned… prints never look as good in camera.

We are looking forward to getting more prints in of Acrylic and Aluminum, we had ordered three Portfolio Boxes and they’re all gone!

Thank you for all the support!