Purple Moose Portraits Rita 1Rita

"As someone who has never been comfortable with having my picture taken I was more than a bit apprehensive going into my photo shoot at Purple Moose. Jen’s warmth and humor quickly put me at ease and before I knew it her team of hair and makeup artists had miraculously transformed me into someone I always envisioned myself to be. For the first time ever, I felt beautiful.

Jen’s skills as a photographer are balanced perfectly with her understanding and compassion for women who struggle with negative body image. She has a keen sense of what makes a woman not only look but feel beautiful. My photo shoot with Jen was not just about the pictures (which are breathtaking) but also about helping me to form an authentic image of myself, one where my physical image is congruent with my spiritual image. Thank you Jen for giving me this gift of seeing myself as the lovely, kind and maybe even a little sexy woman that I always felt I might be!"

"Thank you Aunti! Yes, Rita is one of my Moms BFF's, as an early gift for their fabulous 50th I wanted to give these three beautiful women a girls day photoshoot <3 I am so so so happy that I could give my family a gift that was more than just photographs - it's an experience of self discovery and self love. I love you Aunti! Thank you for the lovely testimonial you are so beautful!" -Jen

PS: Rita makes these AWESOME Kiddie shoes! Check her out on Etsy, FB, Pintrest!TheKiddiesCobbler