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  • Sometimes Self Love is Wandering Feet.

  • Two points to these chapters. ONE They are from the heart, which give you a chance to know me. TWO "What camera should I buy?" These photos will mostly be from my cell phone. If you are using your camera to capture memories and not printing large photos or doing close up portraits of people then [...]
  • Self Love Project 3

  • Alex! We missed you and are happy you are feeling better <3      "I wanted to take the space to congratulate Zoey on her photography sales <3 You go girl- so proud to have you apart of the team, you have a fantastic eye and when we practice together in studio you quickly [...]
  • Portraits of 2015

  • Happy New Year Everyone!         Hope you have had many laughs and love during the eventful holidays.  On this first day of a new year I find myself thinking about love, strength, improvement, and of course gratuity.         I LOVE that I say “This is why I love what I do” sometimes I feel self [...]
  • Exist in Photographs and Print Them

  • I can't even begin to tell you how valuable this photograph from 2010 has been to me these past few years. This was the last time I saw my grandfather  before he was in a care home, I feel like I took it for granted. On election day I got the news, my grandfather Paul had passed away. I have to k [...]