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  • Self Love Project 8 Happy Halloween!

  • I surround myself with beautiful souls that help me strive for what I want and believe in “I feel like I am grieving lately. I am grieving the loss of who I once was and what my future looks like. I love being a mother above all things but who else am I. I ponder this question daily wonderi [...]
  • Self Love Project 7

  • "I am filled with gratitude these days. It's amazing to be able to change the way I see the world and my broaden my horizons. But at this point I need to take time for me, to remember my worth and what I deserve. We are taught to always give ourselves to our children and the one's we love. But ra [...]
  • Self Love Project 6

  •   "I am trying to push my comfort zone and my ideas of what beauty should be. We should all celebrate ourselves and the journeys we have been on. My body has birthed 2 beautiful sons and I love who I am, dimples and all. I am not your average girl nor do I wish to live a average life." -A [...]
  • Self Love Project 5

  • "I really exposed myself this time around. Alex and Jen saw more of me than ever before. We had an excellent talk about self-care and how we either block or strive ourselves toward it. Then we got to my favourite photo part! where the conversation led on about the nuisance of bras vs the pushed [...]