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We often hear how women and men who have come to our studio have a boost of confidence and self love when they see their portrait. Perfect for a day to get pampered, your gift will go towards their session fee and prints, available in domination of $400 and $200. Or surprise them! We are able to book a consultation, photo shoot and keep the price between you and me for their reveal. 

Purple Moose Portraits  Prince George Family PhotoThey will receive, a consultation, photoshoot, and reveal.

During the consultation we talk about how they want to be photographed so they feel their best. We have had families skip this step and secretly pack the wardrobe for the photoshoot – but we recommend against this, sleep, hydration, and the ability to get to know each other all adds to a great portrait and experience.   

Purple-Moose-Portraits---Prince-George-02Photoshoots are up to four hours in studio with a double professional makeover, 4-6 outfits, direction on posing from toes to their eyes, rocking their curves flattering their body shape best, and taking out the awkwardness that they may feel standing in front of a camera (like many of us do). We also offer on location for a shorter duration and one make-up look. 

The reveal is the grande finale, we retouch, print, and mat 25 images in house for viewing only seven days after their photoshoot! They can bring friends, family, or just themselves to view a wall of their portrait. It is an incredible experience to see and feel and gets a great reaction. If they have consented to marketing on our release we will also create a video short for them to share.  



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