Exist in Photographs and Print Them

Purple Moose Portraits - the importance of printingI can’t even begin to tell you how valuable this photograph from 2010 has been to me these past few years. This was the last time I saw my grandfather  before he was in a care home, I feel like I took it for granted.

On election day I got the news, my grandfather Paul had passed away. I have to keep reminding myself to refrain from distracting myself, to stay present, to remember all the little things.

My grandpa was a very special man, he loved and laughed with a full heart. Was proud of his work, family and life and knew how important the experience of things like; lego candy, a good old truck, little dogs, and peace of being in a boat fishing – even if you didn’t catch anything, just enjoying the lilly pads bumping around on the waves from the boat.  He would do anything for us kids, one of the favorites he would always tell me about is how when I was very young no matter what I didn’t want to play with him, so, him being the kind and patient man he was sat on the floor and played with my barbies until I took notice. I’ve used this same trick (not barbies mind you) with my little brother DJ. I think he would find joy in that.

My mom always talks about the time he dressed up as Santa Clause while we were asleep to surprise us – that is until Shaq our Rottweiler chased him out teeth almost on his ass. Shaq was also a big lover that would do anything to protect his family. That’s why they got along when he wasn’t in a BIG RED outfit causing a ruckus in the middle of the night.

This amazing prairie-farmer spent his whole life outside, a proud man my mom says. I can only imagine what dementia and parkisons was like for him, so though he passed I am also happy – he no longer has to suffer in a room trapped in his mind and body. He even had a moment of clarity before he passed and said he was happy and made peace. This brings me to tears every time with joy that he had that moment before he went on the morning of October 19th.

He is at rest and soon so can my family begin to heal and rest themselves. Family is so important to us and it is so so hard to watch the ones you love suffer wether it be mental, physical, or both.

So please, write the ones you love – look at your photographs and print the ones that touch your heart. Digital is not archival prints are and being able to hold it, well that feels like all the difference in the world.

Lots of Love

Capture your memories today.