Not what we planned…

This post was going to be about my awesome weekend – 

Friday evening was a mash of me gearing up and finalizing bits and pieces for the fabulous weekend ahead.  We had a killer photoshoot with Paige who won one of our facebook contests from 2014 on Saturday and we were super excited about our Self Love project for Sunday! Saturday was awesome without a hitch – it was awesome having Paige in the studio and we are so excited about her photos. This excitement kept me going – late night setting up a table setting for the amazing women we would meet on Sunday. SO EXCITED. Get a cab on a Saturday evening and get home <3

6am Sunday Morning.  Hubby says his heart is beating really fast – it is! But maybe it’ll calm down – this happens every 5 years or so…

7am. Heart is not slowing down – he still argues about going to emergency but eventually agrees, grabs some change and gets a cab, says to stay behind – he knows how much this self love course means.

8:30 am. “This is — from the hospital emergency Tarons requested you come down.”  I grab a cab as soon as possible – messaging the incredibly understanding group about how we have to reschedule while in the cab to the hospital. I arrive to wires hanging off Taron and hes white white.  Apparently he almost passed out by the time the cab got the the hospital with a heart beat of 220 – highest the specialist in the hospital had seen.  I’m filled in with Taron in the trauma bay about how a team of 6 doctors and nurses had to stop his heart with three injections to get it back on track. Crazy scary but he is hooked up to a heart monitor and we’re in the best place we could be if something happens.

We’re moved to a “non-trauma” area bed and I watch over him between crib games and I think…

“when was the last time I took a portrait of us?…”

Last year? yep.. last year… and not a very good one. I think about grabbing a photo of him while he sleeps with my cell phone but know it’s okay and calm myself down, I have lots of just my hubby but not many of us together or as a family. I just about cry at that thought.  I realize I need to make this more important and be a little demanding to get everyone together for one 😉 *hint hint to my family reading this*

 The rest of our day was spent with the fantastic team of nurses and doctors paired with crib visits from family and

The most recent photo taken not on a cell phone.

The most recent photo taken not on a cell phone.

that oh so uncomfortable hospital bed BUT we did get a pillow for him 😉 Truly every one was awesome and made Taron and myself feel safe and supported.

We were finally released at 9pm after finding out that Taron has SVT  which is very common among young people, that his heart hasn’t sustained much damage but is very tired, he will need to be on medication to prevent future attacks until he sees his cardiologist and gets non-invasive heart surgery in Vancouver.  After a nap I watch over as Taron sleeps. No one talks about the anxiety after something like this but is very real and can make it really hard to feel safe once you are home.

It is now Tuesday evening – and things are getting back to normal. Taron still gets pretty tired on walks and the anxiety is pretty high but – were not in a hospital and besides his discomfort everything should be good and how cool is it that there are “non-invasive heart surgeries” like really that’s incredible! We’re thinking how lucky we are to get the care we do, have the caring family and friends we do, and that life is oh so important. 

Photographs are important – Since this website started I have lost my grandfather to dementia and almost lost my husband to SVT. What do we have but our memories of them in our hearts when they are gone – to hold that photograph, to see their face, it’s invaluable. From our wedding day 2012