Located at 1212 3rd avenue, Prince George is Purple Moose Portraits. Portraiture by photographer Jen Keim.

The experience that empowers you to say “I Am Beautiful.”

If you’re like me you likely went through or are still in a period in your life where you avoid the camera. We do this for a myriad of reasons – but it boils down to how we see ourselves.  Do you want to change how you see yourself or embrace your self love? Building a positive experience during your photoshoot and an impactful reveal.  The ability to look at yourself without judgment. Experience. Create Memories. Treasured Portraits. These can affect your life and I hope this experience empowers you even more to say…
“I Am Beautiful.”

“When I realized that I could accomplish anything if I loved myself. That is what I want to share with everyone. That you are gorgeous, you are smart, you are strong, you are an amazing person, you are perfect the way you are now and you deserve to see yourself as your loved ones see you. Because it is your inner self, the light that shines through when we let it, that is what makes you beautiful”        Jen Keim Photographer / Owner at PMP 

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