Photoshoot with Charlene

Purple Moose Portraits Charlene


"I’ve never liked having my picture taken, so we’ll start with that. I’m the master at hiding, the master at staying in the shadows and ducking.


So, the idea of doing a photo shoot was something that was both very exciting and extremely scary to me. I agreed, but I was kind of a wreck. Fortunately, I had an amazing photographer in the form of Jen Keim of Purple Moose Portraits. Three hours later, I was laughing, enjoying every minute of the shoot (Even the ones where I felt like I was trying to twitch one muscle juuusst right!) and far more relaxed.

And the results are amazing! I love my photos, I love feeling stronger and more confident and way more beautiful than I thought I could be.

I think everyone should do a photoshoot at least once and if you’re in Prince George, BC, definitely do it through Purple Moose Portraits. You won’t regret it!"

"I saw Char walking and saw that inner sass just waiting to come out, it was so much fun getting Charlene in the studio,
from dancing in a tulle dress, headshots for her novel, and a fine art piece she really showed her personality. 

  Thank you for coming in! <3" -Jen