Self Love Project 1

        What a fantastic Sunday we had! We had some great conversations about forgiveness, those deep feelings inside and how to begin letting go, making a commitment to a minute a day and how saying “I love you” to ourselves in the mirror feels weird. Alex is a badass mom and experienced in practicing self love – and kicking ass, Zoey is our sweet teen and part of our team at Purple Moose Portraits, and Amanda who is also a rad mom and a local business owner.

Purple Moose Portraits 2016 year


“I am excited about the self love project and watching as I grow as a person.
I have been many things; a wife, a mother, a daughter and now it is time to find myself again.
I can’t wait to share my experience with others and empower other women!”
– Alex






Purple Moose Portraits 2016 year

“I had no clear idea of what I was getting myself into by signing on to this, but a little self love never hurt anyone.

Now that I’m getting a feel for what this projects about,
I’m really excited to be a part of it and to explore depths of myself and the other beautiful women around the table.
Being honest and open about how we really feel is empowering; a little scary but mostly badass.”
– Amanda




Purple Moose Portraits 2016 year


“Going into A Self Love Project I feel intrigued, and optimistic, it’s something new and something different to push my comfort zone. I’ve always grown up knowing it was important to be your own friend, and love yourself, so I feel as though I’m quite confident and love myself for the most part, but just turning 19 and trying to find myself and what I want to do or who I want to be is stressful and wears you down. It’s hard to consistently treat yourself properly and love yourself the way you deserve. Throughout the year, I hope to learn more about myself and how I can always love myself and keep my confidence up, even when I’m feeling down, grumpy, or stressed.”
– Zoey


March 13th is our next session and we will be stepping it up in our portrait project with a Makeup lesson from Arielle Logan Artistry, and some dreamy backlight <3

Are you interested in the Self Love Project? Follow along and comment below! We would love to hear from you!
We welcome you to access this survey – we recommend printing it off and following along month by month 🙂

Week two

Lots of love!