Self Love Project 2

Untitled-1    Hello Everyone! Apologies for the late post, we’ve been busy! Last week Arielle Logan Artistry  came in to teach us some makeup techniques to get the most out of a year’s worth of portraits and we have now opened up our FB Group to the public! Click to join – we want to get some discussions going and encourage each other’s self love and growth. ♥


Purple Moose Portraits Self love project (2)


“Learning how to contour was great, my usual makeup consists of the basic eyeliner and mascara, so learning how to do eyebrows, full face make up and contouring was awesome! Over the past month I’ve just been loving myself and remembering that I’m fabulous, all the time.”


Purple Moose Portraits Self love project (3)


“The Makeup session was fun. Being a tomboy I’m not always sure how to put it on or adventure out and try new things. Arielle made it easy to try something different. I had an amazing time this week posing and learning more about my body.
I feel more comfortable in my skin everyday.”


Purple Moose Portraits Self love project (1)

“It is incredible for me to see these beautiful women come in, we all giggled when noticing Alex and Zoey came in with their hair curled and looking radiant, inside and out! The women in our lives are so incredibly inspiring as we change and grow, sharing our low points and how we over come them if its taking a selfie, or saying how awesome I am in a super hero pose (yes I’m a dork but proud!), and the comfort in just getting together and forming a relationship. I’m continuously excited about our journeys together and apart.”
-Jen  PS: This photo was taken by our lovely Zoey ♥


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We welcome you to access this survey – we recommend printing it off and following along month by month 🙂
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Lots of love!