Self Love Project 5


“I really exposed myself this time around. Alex and Jen saw more of me than ever before. We had an excellent talk about self-care and how we either block or strive ourselves toward it. Then we got to my favourite photo part! where the conversation led on about the nuisance of bras vs the pushed up look they give. Turns out Jen has this glorious magic tape that doesn’t hurt the skin. And Alex is mysteriously a pro at taping tits. It was hilarious and I look forward to meeting talking and sharing with these girls every month. I’m so excited to see how the picture turned out”




“This week I did my photo blank canvas style. Tired, no makeup and real. Life isn’t always rainbows and unicorns but it is wonderful. I love being a parent but the reality is its extremely hard. You give everything you have to them and sometimes forget about yourself. I am focusing on taking a few mins to myself everyday to unwind or do yoga because if I don’t take care if myself, i can’t take care of them.”




Purple Moose Portraits Photographer“I feel was an important time to touch base with Alex and Amanda this week, we’re all pretty busy women and seem to have been getting focused more on the needs of those around us then the 5 mins of mindful meditation, yoga or just taking a few mins of quiet in the garden to enjoy it without “gardening,” it is so easy to get caught up in the next thing that being mindful to take the mins for yourself can easily fall by the way side.

I’ve been practicing taking a selfie a day – to see the effects it has on my self-love and I can tell when I’ve stopped doing it as I find I became more critical of myself! I don’t share every image, which is nice – its something to do for me. If you try it out please comment here or in our self love group!”


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