Self Love Project 6


“I am trying to push my comfort zone and my ideas of what beauty should be. We should all celebrate ourselves and the journeys we have been on. My body has birthed 2 beautiful sons and I love who I am, dimples and all. I am not your average girl nor do I wish to live a average life.”

cell phone selfie purple moose portraits


“It’s been a whirlwind for me the past month, and wanted a photo with no make-up after a busy day at work, entrepreneurship is hard and I love it. But. I feel like a let my practice of self love slip during this time and  as I thought about this article I realized is, what I needed during that time was to push hard, be strong, loving, kind, empathetic, and task focused. I did and did well – though I will always feel like I can do better 😉  Life is a teeter-totter it goes up and down and changes in our balance of work, life, outside influences, but what doesn’t change is the opportunity of choices. Yes I feel like I dropped the ball on my self care but that’s okay! Today is new everyday choices that I can look at with thought and consideration and make the best I can in the moment for me.”  (blog to come)



Amanda was off enjoying some self love in Haida Gwaii with her children, we miss you and hope you had a blast! <3

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Lots of love!