Sometimes Self Love is Wandering Feet.

Wandering feet Purple Moose Portraits VancouverTwo points to these chapters.

ONE They are from the heart, which give you a chance to know me.
TWO “What camera should I buy?” These photos will mostly be from my cell phone. If you are using your camera to capture memories and not printing large photos or doing close up portraits of people then your cell phone is an excellent camera for most people. Its how you use it… more on that later ūüėČ
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The Story

Sometimes parts of life are hard, and we have to make a choice. My marriage was hard, on both of us, so we have separated. People ask how I am doing and I say “Choosing to be awesome” because the trick is, it is a choice. And I do, I feel awesome! It was a hard choice, because it meant choosing myself before the marriage we had created. My amazing friends helped me move my things temporarily to my loving mothers home two days ago, so what do you do when your life is in boxes after a life changing decision? What your heart needs, bubble baths, family, friends, or in my case – wandering feet.

Wandering feet Purple Moose Portraits Vancouver 2Chapter one: The Journey

Greyhound, you are long and yes my back hurts after a 12 hour trip. However, I love the journey. It gifts time to us so we can notice how handsome the mountains are, the powerful river rapids throwing water into the air while an eagle flys above. A shared glance with a stranger as you enjoy the sight of a deep canyon and the beautiful eyes of the boy running till at the restaurant bus stop. Life is beautiful all around you. Take a deep breath and look with an open heart.

Wandering feet Purple Moose Portraits Vancouver 4Chapter one.five: Old Love

I love arriving, it is exciting, and made even better when someone fabulous is waiting for you. I love running up and giving big hugs! Especially people like Kyle, bright smiles and a huge heart always ready for equally big hugs. Kyle and I dated a long time ago and he said, “it’s like a day hasn’t gone by” but it has! Kyle and I both fought with depression among other things when we were together, and have done a lot of personal growth and self love through the years. It’s interesting, though our lives since had been separate they were parallel. Beautiful eyes, open hearts and genuine happiness for how proud we are of one another make for a fantastic night and lovely morning of omelettes and coffee. ( He even got me a transit pass – seriously a wonderful man )

Wandering feet Purple Moose Portraits Vancouver 3Chapter two: Skytrains and Coffee

On the skytrain people end up touching each other with no response. I sometimes wonder if we rob ourselves of connection with refusing to share that awkward glance when you bump into someone or saying hello when your backpack hits them in the face. I didn’t grab any photos of the people on the skytrain… yet. Just watched and enjoyed the ride. The view from my room is full of bunk-beds, warm wood, and a small pigeon outside the open window with a view of lines and a brick. Google is the boss at telling me the coffee street I hadn’t noticed across the street is AMAZING. Photos of strangers next to me who must assume I’m taking selfies – Cant do that with a DSLR camera! Street photography refreshes my eyes – it’s one of the ways I learned my craft.

Wandering feet Purple Moose Portraits Vancouver 3

Places: The Cambie Hostel, Revolver Coffee, and The Smallflower cafe and bakery.

Chapter three:  Spring Shoes in Backpacks
This afternoons adventure….

Wandering feet Purple Moose Portraits Vancouver 4

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