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Mans Best Friend – Martin

Mans best friend! The best gift. 

These siblings have lots of energy and don’t always see eye-to-eye needing some care in photoshop. This image is made of 4 others to create that “perfect shot” can you guess the 4? – answer at the bottom.

5  More Pet Photography Tips (that I use)

  1. Take them for a run before the session ( and make sure you have what you need to clean them up when you get there )
  2. Have your photographer plan extra time for them to get used to the space, you know your pet best for how long this might take. This doubles as a time to stress-free clean your pet off.
  3. Bring treats – BUT DO NOT SHOW THEM TO YOUR PET. Why not? Drool, overexcited and unable to sit calmly, the dog is now focused on you vs the photographer. Give the treats or favourite toy secretively to your photographer.
  4. ALWAYS recommend over plan for how much time it takes so that you as the owner do not stress. Animals pick up on how we feel and if you are stressed about time, and worrying if your pet will behave in a timely manner, they are going to stress out as well.
  5. Bring the leash and a low-visibility collar. Unless the collar or harness is a statement piece, most photographers are able to take out a low-visibility show collar and leash, or they can outsource it to professional retouchers for a nominal fee. The leash allows you to have control which, generally, can keep your pet calmer, or at least beside you for the photograph.
  6. BONUS Plan what you want to be done with your photographs so your photographer can shoot for it! Wall art, funny candid album, the “this is how crazy it is here we are” portrait for the wall or holiday card? Planning ahead gives you and your photographer a goal to work towards, with a clear vision comes success.

Portrait of man with two dogs smoking and drinking fine bourbon

This portrait was finished with a brush stroke protective coating that allows it to be framed or left no frame, able to sit on a shelf or mantel for a more modern feel.
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Traditional portrait of a well dressed man with cowboy hat Three dogs laying on a red chaise with Christmas hats and sweaters Photograph of two bull terriers sitting on a antique green chair

Answer: The hat, smoke, Bull Terrier laying down, and main portrait.

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