Mans Best Friend – Martin

Photograph of two bull terriers sitting on a antique green chair

Mans best friend! The best gift.  These siblings have lots of energy and don’t always see eye-to-eye needing some care in photoshop. This image is made of 4 others to create that “perfect shot” can you guess the 4? – answer at the bottom. 5  More Pet Photography Tips (that[…]

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Traveling Victoria and Kamloops

Hello Everyone! How are you doing? – I hope you all have had a healthy happy start to the new year.   I have exciting news! I will be on location in Victoria and Kamloops in August. call or text 778-349-5030 / purplemooseportraits@gmail.com   What does this mean? How does[…]

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Mental and physical health ate me

Hi my name is Jen and I have complex ptsd. Which is a technical term for saying throughout my teens and adulthood I get spurts of anxious, unmotivated, stuck feelings that leave me sitting in a tub for 3 hours so I can recharge and feel human again. It also[…]

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