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WOW 2020-2021

What the future holds


Hi! It’s been a crazy times, a Pandemic, then in June 2020 we welcomed our second son into the world, three months later we had a car crash which left me and my spouse unable to work and still dealing with injuries to this day. I’ve been “back to work – sorta” since March 2021, taking on one a month before while I got ready to dive back in.

Well it’s almost a year since the accident and still unable to work regularly which leads me to push to where I want to be as a photographer. If you like feel free to continue reading. 🙂

I want to make art.

When chatting with our community I keep hearing again and again. “Purple Moose is where you go to have art made.” I’ve thought on this plenty, when I first started really getting into photography as a teen, photographing landscapes, really technically horrid photos of my friends. I would look up to photographers who were SO GOOD! They created art.

When I opened my studio I wanted to provide a specialty service, where you feel heard and seen for more then what you show on the exterior, but for your soul and your love, intelligence, sass. I wanted to give people my time, heart, ear and talent. I’ve delivered and met those service goals. All while, I would look up to photographers who created more, but felt I needed to grow, hone my skills, and do the time. You know what?…























It is time. I’ve already begun! 

I  love to create outfits, rent custom looks, buying fabrics to match your maternity dress, making the day really special to you and locations and items that have meaning to you, if it means getting the whole farm for a family portrait while you look your best you or your rare color Frenchie on an antique chair.

Emphasizing with beautiful edits, offering more composite work for some magic. Continuing to plan wall art BEFORE your session so we create with your home in mind, not as an after thought. I want to create more award winning portraiture with my clients. Will this mean I will stop what I currently do? – NO! I’m going to add it in. Because of this extra time and love that will go into your sessions I will be raising my pricing for my full luxury service.

Rising Tide Raises All Ships!

This is a saying – a mantra! that I regularly said when I opened my studio and talking pricing and service to anyone who wanted to. I’ve been thinking about how I need to ground myself in this again. I need to raise myself, for my spirits and for my family. Because the other areas of my life since the last year have left me feeling like sinking to many times. I’ve tried to focus “this time is a gift”, even if physically a bit broken, still, it is a time together. Children are young for such a short time and I constantly try to honor them. The look of love and admiration, the constant WHYS and the crazy days that “oh god why is the baby biting everyone and drinking water off the floor while the threenager has a melt down because the cat doesn’t want a harness on.”

I’m raising my prices and my ship.

It means more for more, I want to improve my level of service, my creativity in sessions for those who would like it

I want to be able to donate my time more, for end of life sessions for pets and family. And to meet these goals time in service needs to be valued more. For those who like, I will continue to have prepayment plans, and if at your reveal you want more, regular take home and pay plans as per usual.  For more direct pricing information scroll down.

Comparison is the thief of JOY aka “MINIS”

There are successful photographers who offer minis and have a process that works for them. It doesn’t for what I feel in my heart is the level of service and care I – quiet simply – can’t resist giving. (Dog photos from a by donation day ALL got edited, and over half had more then one photo edited. I could not give out less. DROVE DEAN CRAZY haha... it raised over $700 for the PG Humane Society and Spay and Neuter Clinic! )

Specialty Sessions vs Value Sessions.

Specialty Sessions. Designed or limited time sessions, think fall evening hour sessions where the leaves are at their best really is a 1 week window, at evening hour leaves 7 prime time portraits. OR I am really looking forward to designing some special ones for Halloween, daddy dance, holiday / Christmas photos, boudoir experiences, and a network/headshot all depending on covid regulations. I want these to come with albums, or prints, and have a full experience that is memorable and tangible. 

Value Sessions. For those who still want to support me and the work I do. This is for you. I still want to consult you on what to wear, bring, tips for bringing a relaxed child/dog/spouse to the session. I will still hand edit all your portraits, because it is important to me to value those moments captured. You will get to choose your portraits right after your session so I’m only editing the ones you love and the ones you want. They will come as a small portrait digital watermarked for sharing online and any prints, gift prints ect will not have a watermark. If you would like an art edit, they can be purchased as an add on wall art. These take 2-3 hours each to create and deserve to be showcased in your home!  (Below is not an art edit, but an in camera and hand edit)

Starting prices.

Luxury Sessions: $1290 reservation fee
Includes creative budget for photographer, $1000 towards your purchase, snacks and treats at our consult, session day, reveal day and art delivery, my cell so you can shoot me your questions, planning, thoughts, ect so you can make sure you feel confident in your day.

Specialty Sessions: $1190 reservation fee and up. Depending on the uniqueness, design that goes into it, and the final art work included. Prepayments accepted if you know you want a specialty session that hasn’t popped up yet.

Value Sessions: $399.00 includes 2 social media files with regular editing included, consultation, immediate reveal after your session, up to 2 hours consecutive time on photoshoot day. Additional portraits, wall art, albums, ornaments, can be added on.

These sessions can be for your pet, car, family, boudoir, the same amount of love, care, and ability goes into them.

Now is the time because,
1. I have two young children who are not in daycare
2. I still have an injury that prevents me from photographing clients 2-3 times a week as regular income.
3. I am still the sole income for my household while my partners injury is more sever than mine.


I thank you for your continue interest and support.

Referral’s are my everything, right along with a google review.

If you would like to chat or know someone who needs to celebrate their journey, family, or have a fun silly pet session. Give me a shout!

Find Jen on FB, IG, GMAIL, OR Text/Call 778-349-5030